Privacy statement

This Privacy Statement informs you how Oy Zaraband Ltd handles and protects your personal information and what your rights are.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is a European Union law intended to strengthen and unify data protection rules and rights for the benefit of EU citizens. GDPR applies to EU organizations and to non-EU organizations (of any size) that provide goods and services to the EU or that utilize tracking technologies to monitor EU users’ behaviour.

Oy Zaraband Ltd offers its’ business customers communication services.

Information (business and personal information) is used for communication, billing, electronic services or administrative obligations.

Oy Zaraband Ltd respects the privacy of its’ customers, personnel and stakeholders and protects their personal data in accordance with current legislation.

Registrar and contact person

Oy Zaraband Ltd

Monika Halén

+ 358 40 595 5586

Data content of registers and the sources of information

  1. a) Customer Information
  • • Name of the customer’s company, name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address
  • • Customer relationship information such as subscribed services, billing and payment information
  • • Notes on appointments / settlements

Personal information is used in accordance with the law for

  • • Customer Relationship Management, Maintenance and Reporting
  • • for management of assignments
  • • communication
  • • billing and payment control
  • • to send customer letters and newsletters
  • • other measures or assignments to be made by the data subject’s request or consent

The information is collected manually from the communication with the customer.

  1. b) Target groups and stakeholders – Personal information

In order to fulfil the communication tasks on behalf of our customers, PR- and communication Zaraband Ltd keeps records of persons belonging to certain b-t-b target groups and stakeholders. These records consist mainly of company names, names of contact persons, addresses, email-addresses and telephone numbers. These persons might be our customers or are registered on behalf of our customers.

  1. c) Data for administrative use and obligations

Zaraband keeps records and certain data of personnel for administrative purposes and according to existing law.

  1. d) Google Analytics, websites and other service providers for media follow-up

On our or websites or social media channels we administer on behalf of our customers, we might use Google Analytics (GA) to track information on user behaviour, number of visitors using our site etc. We also follow up media behaviour

Oy Zaraband Ltd handles the personal data according to following principles

Data retention time

Zaraband Ltd will keep the registered data as long as necessary for the purposes defined above, in accordance with current legislation. Zaraband Ltd may be required to retain personal data under the Accounting and Taxation Act also after the termination of the customer relationship.

Registered Rights

Verifying, Correcting, and Deleting Data:

The registrar has the right to inspect personal data stored on him. At request Zaraband Ltd corrects, removes or supplements the defective, defective or out-dated personal data for the purpose of the processing.

Transfer and transfer of information

Registered information is only processed locally in the organization. Oy Zaraband Ltd does not disclose or transfer name or customer information to third parties. Zaraband may use and process data to work closely with selected partners or its employees. These parties are bound by the obligation of confidentiality.

Principles of registry protection

Zaraband Ltd uses the necessary technical and organizational security tools to protect personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction, or other unauthorized processing. The access to the register is solely for the above-mentioned registry administrator who needs information in his or her office. The data is collected in a local database at Zaraband, requiring username and password and is technically protected against firewall and updated antivirus software. Equipment is behind lockers.


Any inquiries related to the customer’s own data or to this register may be sent to the person in charge of the registry.

 Oy Zaraband Ltd

Monika Halén

040 595 5586